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The first visit to the clinic is for an initial assessment which takes up to an hour.

This is necessary to allow the physiotherapists to gain an understanding of the problem you are attending for and also what has happened in the past. The structure of this part of the assessment is in the form of questions and discussion about the problem.

This is followed by an objective examination which involves checking the range of mobility of the joints and structures involved, tests of various structures and also checking for tenderness and stiffness.

Once this is completed we will explain what we have found, what we feel is the appropriate form of treatment and what you can do yourself.

It is important to wear suitable clothing for this assessment to allow the physiotherapist to have access to the area. For neck and shoulder problems it is necessary to remove shirts/blouses therefore females may be happier to wear a vest top and for lower limb problems and lower back problems it is necessary to remove trousers therefore shorts would be helpful.

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